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Unleash the full potential of your wire production with the revolutionary No Twist Coiler (NTC). Our groundbreaking technology transforms and optimizes wire drawing and uncoiling processes.

The No Twist Coiler (NTC) features a unique coiling technique that sets it apart from traditional gooseneck and spooling machines. By replacing outdated equipment, you can achieve exceptional results. Experience perfect pattern-laid coils weighing up to 4.5 tons, conveniently stored in inverted carriers for easy shipping and fewer uncoiling stops.

With the No Twist Coiler (NTC), you'll benefit from unlimited speed, reduced scrap wire, and operator-friendly processes, thanks to its simple cast and helix setup. Elevate your wire production operations with efficient and high-quality results, powered by the cutting-edge No Twist Coiler (NTC) technology.
Drawing | Machinery for wire and cable handling | Wire cleaning, machining, forming and coating