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TCS Srl manages the brands: TRAFCO CORTINOVIS and SICTRA. SICTRA specializes in drawing lines for copper and aluminum rods and multiwire for flexible conductors and trolley wire lines. CORTINOVIS specializes in tubular stranders for steel ropes, copper and aluminum wires, cable armouring and Tubularskip line for OPGW. It also produces rigid stranders cablers, screening lines, Drum Twister for laying up and armor, including Milliken HV, planetary stranders for armor, OPGW and steel ropes and “Conotorsion” single twist lines for control cables laying up and armor. TRAFCO specializes in secondhand refurbished equipment and extrusion lines.

TCS Srl supplies accessories, original spare parts, technical assistance, processing assistance, and feasibility studies.
Drawing | wire manufacturing and finishing machinery | Machinery for wire and cable handling | Cable and strading machines