Product Highlights

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Klüber Lubrication GmbH offers TRAXIT, a leading provider of wire lubrication products, offering a wide range of dry lubricants, wet lubricants, and coatings for steel wire drawing. Our products are characterized by being borax-free, plant-based, and energy-efficient. We specialize in developing high-end products with these qualities.

Our products have various applications, including but not limited to:

Rope wire (carbon steel and stainless steel)
Spring wire (carbon steel and stainless steel)
Technical spring and bedding seating
Piano wire
PSC wire
OT wire
CHQ wire
CPQ wire
Tyre Cord wire
Spoke wire
Welding wire (carbon steel and stainless steel)
Fencing wire
Welded Mesh wire (drawing and rolling)
Nail wire (LC and HC)
Shaved wire (calibration draft and final drawing)
We also offer solutions for many more applications.