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HFSAB, based in Motala, Sweden, is a co-exhibitor with Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GMBH & CO. KG. They supply continuous lead extrusion equipment and expertise for flawless lead sheathing of cables that require a perfect moisture barrier.

The horizontal lead extruders are floor-standing, easy to install, maintain, and fully automatic. They come with die blocks that cover a wide range from 6 mm to 190 mm. The melting pot capacities range from 10, 18, 35, to 60 tons.

In addition to their primary equipment, HFSAB also offers the Cable Repair and Recovery System (CRRS). This system allows for the removal of individual layers, including the HDPE outer jacket, lead sheath, and triple-layer XLPE insulation, without causing any damage to the subsequent layers underneath. This enables the cable to be easily repaired and recovered.