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We specialize in manufacturing Stainless Steel Tubes for a wide range of applications. Our products include Stainless Steel tube hydroforming, bellows, plan tubes, bending tubes, flexible joints, expansion joints, sprinkler hoses with fittings, and sprinkler heads for fire fighting systems.

Key Information:

Material: We offer tubes in various materials such as 304(L) (1.4301 / 1.4307), 316L (1.4404), 321 (1.4571), 316Ti (1.4571), 309 (1.4828), S32205 (Duplex), 430 (J1L) (1.4509), and 444. We can also provide square and shape-formed tubes according to customer specifications.

Applications: Our tubes find application in various industries and sectors including automotive (fuel system, brake line, exhaust system, oil and gas lines of engine), home appliances, heat exchangers, battery (electric vehicle and energy storage systems), ships, and ocean plants. Additionally, our tubes serve applications in housing and building, factories and plants, defense, and more.
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