According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), it estimates that through to 2020, energy and transport sectors will form 62.6% of the total ASEAN infrastructure investment needs. This is in tandem with Goldman Sachs’ projection on infrastructure spending in power and transport of four ASEAN countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines), which will amount to US$524 billion come 2020.

Set against this infrastructure growth, alongside the expansion of the automobile, new energy, high-speed rail, urban transport, aerospace, petrochemical, infrastructure construction and other application industries, these have brought about new opportunities for the fastener industry. Today, the total global production of fasteners is 12 million tons per year in the amount of US$25.8 billion, and almost 70% of the fasteners is available today in the countries of Southeast Asia.

Fasteners and Springs

Exhibit Profile:

  • Standard fasteners and non-standard ones
  • Fasteners in various industries
  • Manufacturing skills of fasteners
  • Supporting facilities of fasteners

Visitor Target Groups:

  • Automotive / Aerospace / Rail Transit / Marine & Ship Building
  • Energy & Power Generation / Communication Technology
  • Petrochemical, and many more.

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