Exhibitor Testimonials

Our objective of this year’s participation is to acquire new customers and for existing customers to get ideas on how to improve processes, ask questions and resolve challenges face-to-face. This year’s fair exceeded our expectations. 2 years ago, we had approximately 70% of the customers we had right now. What was good for us too was that 60% to 65% of the customers we met at the fair were new customers, and they had really detailed enquiries about our products and what we can do.

Rudolf DescovichManaging Director, Medek & Schoerner GmbH

It is a must for us to participate in this year’s exhibition as Southeast Asia is an important and growing market for us. At the exhibition, we were able to know more about the needs of our customers. The exhibition is very well organized and we had many Asian visitors, as well as visitors from India and even Africa visiting our booth. We plan to be back in two years’ time where economic prospects are stronger in light of the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

Dr. –Ing. Thomas KaupSenior Executive Vice President Sales, Wafios AG

Asia, in particular Southeast Asia is a growing market for us and hence we put a lot of our efforts into expanding the market, including our participation at this year’s exhibition. Not only does this trade exhibition reach out to the domestic Thai market, but it also draws industry visitors from regional countries who would not otherwise be entering the European markets.

The main objective of our participation is to sell machines and let the local market know of our products, and we are pleased to share that a machine has been sold at the exhibition. We are also happy with the crowd and internationality of visitors at our booth.

Patrick MaurissenSales Director, Numalliance

Visitor Testimonials

The market for the wire and tube industries is booming in Asia, particularly so with the onset of the ASEAN Economic Committee (AEC) this year. The timely staging of wire and Tube Southeast ASIA 2015 allowed me to see and experience the latest in technology, materials and machinery, and bring such knowledge back to Myanmar.

Nyein AungMyanmar Construction Entrepreneurs Association

I am glad wire and Tube Southeast ASIA 2015 covered a broad spectrum of the industries’ supply chain – where I could gain technical knowledge and network with fellow industry players at the seminar sessions, and experience an eye-opening display of international know-how and skillsets on the fairgrounds. I managed to procure bending tools and work benches from Eisenkraft which would bring about greater efficacy to my business while keeping cost low and competitive.

Ekasith BuasroungEulogy Group (Thailand)

During this visit to wire Southeast ASIA 2015, I got to meet up with suppliers and merchants from the region and acquired knowledge of the newest machines and technologies available in the market. I will surely visit again in 2017.